Our automotive repair facility is a BG Products Authorized Dealer. This means we not only stock and sell BG Products, but we also have all the proper equipment and fittings to service your vehicle as well are subscribed to all the online training to stay current with preventive maintenance techniques and procedures to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. We attend a yearly BG Products ‘BootCamp’ and all our technicians who perform a BG Products Service is BG Certified in that particular vehicle system.

BG Products and BG Services offered at our auto repair facility:

BG Products Fuel/Air Induction Service
BG Products Lubrication + Fuel Service
BG Products Cooling System Service
BG Products Transmission Service
BG Products Drive Line
BG Products Brake Service
BG Products Climate Control Service
BG Products Battery Service
BG Products Power Steering Service
BG Products Ethanol Fuel System Defender Service

We also enroll our qualifying customers in the BG LifeTime Protection plan. In the event something happens to a major component that is covered under the Protection Plan we have all the records and the trained staff to take care of the claim for our customer.